How to Make a Portable Xbox 360 Gamertag (Gamer Profile)

How to Make a Portable Xbox 360 Gamertag (Gamer Profile)

Summary: This article explains how to create a portable Xbox 360 Gamer Profile (Gamertag). Using a portable Gamer Profile

(Gamertag) eliminates the need to recover your profile on each Xbox 360 system used.

What you will need:
A portable USB storage device at least 1 GB in size.

1. Turn on your Xbox 360 that currently has your gamer profile stored on it.

2. Press the Xbox button on the controller to bring up the Xbox Guide

3. Navigate to the Settings menu

4. Select System Settings and then Memory

5. Select the USB Storage Device and then Configure Now transfer your XBOX 360 Live Gamertag to a portable USB drive.

Xbox Flash Drive Configuration

6. After your device is configured you will receive the following message

Xbox Storage Device Configured

7. Select Hard Drive

Select Hard Drive for Portable Store Device

8. Select Gamer Profiles and press Y (Transfer Content) to initiate a transfer

Select Gamer Profiles to Move to Hard Drive

9. Choose the destination device for your Gamer Profile

10. On the Transfer Content screen select Gamer Profiles

11. Select the profile you wish to transfer and then press B

Gamertag Transfer Content Destination

12. Press Start (on the right hand side) to complete the transfer

13. After the transfer is finished you will see the following message

Gamer Profile Successfully Transferred

14. Now you have a portable gamertag which can be used on any Xbox without having to recover.


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