How to Delete Netflix From Your Xbox 360

How to Delete Netflix From Your Xbox 360

Background: This article explains how to delete

Netflix software (content, credentials, and updates) from your Xbox 360 console. By removing

the Netflix software, your Netflix account will also be removed from this device.

1. Turn on your Xbox 360 and press the Xbox button to bring up the Xbox


2. Navigate to Settings and then System Settings

Xbox </p>
<p>Guide System Settings

3. Select Memory, Hard Drive, and then Games

Xbox 360 </p>
<p>Hard Drive Games

4. Select Netflix

5. Delete everything in this folder by selecting an item and then

select Delete.

alt="Uninstall Netflix Hard Drive" title="Uninstall Netflix Hard Drive" />

Delete </p>
<p>Netflix Application From Xbox 360

6. Confirm that you really want to delete an item by pressing Yes.

Delete </p>
<p>Netflix Content Permanently

7. After all items in the Netflix folder have been deleted you will

have successfully removed Netflix from your Xbox 360.


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