How to Add Netflix to Nintendo Wii

How to Add Your Netflix
Account to Your Nintendo Wii

Netflix users can stream instant movies and television shows to their Nintendo Wii console for free. To do this, Netflix must first be set up on your Wii.

What you will need: A Nintendo Wii connected to the Internet - Guide to connect your Wii wirelessly Wii Wireless. Users without a Netflix account can sign up for a 1 month free trial by visiting

1. Start your Wii and select Wii Shop Channel from the main menu

Wii Shop Channel Netflix Download

2.Click Start

3. Click “Ok” on Welcome to the Wii Shop Channel screen

4. If prompted with Club Nintendo Membership click “Skip”

5. Click Start Shopping

6. Select Wii Channels

Wii Channels Netflix Install

7. Select the free Netflix App (No Wii Points Required)

Free Netflix App 0 Wii Points

8. Click Free 0 Wii Points

9. Select Wii System Memory

10. Click “Ok” for Selection Confirmation

11. Select “Yes” for the Download Confirmation

12. The Download was Successful “Ok”

13. Click on Wii Menu

Wii Menu

14. Select the Netflix App from the Wii Menu

Netflix App Wii Menu

15. Click Start

16. Click “Yes” – Are you a Netflix Member?

17. Write down the code and go to a computer and to the following link

Netflix Activation Code

18. Enter your Wii Netflix code

Wii Netflix Code

19. Enjoy Netflix on your Nintendo Wii!


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